Tenant Web Access

If you need to have a repair made or general maintenance performed for your apartment or commercial space, please fill in information in spaces below and we will contact you within 24 hours.

Emergency Numbers:

  • Commercial Tenants & Residential Tenants: In case of an emergency please contact 804-358-0220, Option 4.

The following are considered an emergency:

  • Fire, evidence of smoke, flood, or a police emergency (Call 911 FIRST)
  • If you smell gas in the area or have a water or sewer emergency, such as a busted pipe (Call Richmond City at 311 FIRST to report the emergency, and then contact us)
  • No heat when temperature is below 35 degrees and weather permitting
  • No air conditioning when medical note has been provided
  • Inoperable commode when only one commode in the unit
  • Roof leak, appliance leak, or any other leak causing residual damage
  • Inoperable refrigerator
  • No electricity (not due to power outage in area)
  • Lock out only during office hours.  After hours tenant must call a locksmith.

Per the lease agreement, the cost of any repairs for which the tenant is responsible shall be invoiced to the tenant.