Maintenance Request

All routine and non-emergency maintenance requests must be submitted using your Tenant Web Access. Our maintenance staff will respond or contact you within 24 hours.

Emergency Numbers:

  • Please contact 804-358-0220, option 4

The following are considered an emergency:

  • No heat when temperature is below 35 degrees and weather permitting
  • No air conditioning when medical note has been provided
  • Inoperable commode when only one commode in the unit
  • Major water leak or sewer back up (sink, commode, roof, pipes, appliance, etc.)
  • Inoperable refrigerator
  • No electricity (not due to power outage in area) call Dominion Power at 1-866-DOM-HELP, or follow this link to report a power outage.
  • Fire or evidence of smoke (Call 911 FIRST)
  • Flood
  • Lock out only during office hours.  After hours tenant must call a locksmith.

Per the lease agreement, the cost of any repairs for which the tenant is responsible shall be invoiced to the tenant.